Neighborhood Resources


You may report any incidents of criminal activity to the local neighborhood beat cop at 791-5304 x 2420.

If there is an emergency, suspicious activity, or a crime in progress please call 911. Reporting crime is the only way the police patrolling our area can track criminal activity.

To report graffiti, the hotline is 624-7833.

Ward 2 Council Office

Paul Cunningham  is the Ward 2 councilperson. You may contact
Paul Cunningham at:

East Side City Hall
Attn: Paul Cunningham
7575 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: 791-4687

Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park

The archaeological site was officially inaugurated 19 March 2005. The board would like to thank those residents that worked very hard to see the park through its completion. Please do your part to make sure the park remains a great place for the residents of our neighborhoods. Please remember a few simple rules: stay on the path at all times, please do not litter, and please clean up after your pets.

Neighborhood Clean Up

To report any unkempt yard conditions, you may file a complaint with the City’s Department of Waste Management at 791-3171.

We would also like to remind pet owners to please be courteous and clean up after their pets throughout our neighborhood.

Porch Fest Musician Information

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