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Board Meeting Minutes-July 24, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Pat the president.  Also present were Dave, Jill, Hal, Carroll, Hector and Sharon. The May minutes were read and approved. Hal reported membership account has 2723.92, Donor Plaque Account 4616.96 and the membership is 67. The web site is having problems which will be worked on by Mike Erickson. We now have a Welcome letter to send to new residents in our neighborhood. Sharon will send those out. The Day in the Park will be March 16,2013 as confirmed by Alan Dart of Old Pueblo.  The brochure on the park is in final review and should be published soon. The Full Moon party is set for October 13th at 6:30. Again we need to get more residents involved.  If you know of anyone please call anyone on the board. A member spoke of the happenings in the neighborhood and how we all can help by reporting to the police anything the looks out of the ordinary. The next meeting will be August 21, 2012 at Sharon’s house.

Board Meeting Minutes-May 22,2012

The meeting was called to order by President Pat Wiedhopf. Also present were Dave,Jill,Hal,Carroll and Sharon. The minutes were read and approved. We have 67 members We will be working on ways to increase our membership. The next event planned is a Full Moon Party in October. There will be a fall yard sale. Weed Tech will be spraying the parkway and the park area that is on the Essell St side.  The next board meeting will be July 24,2012 at Carroll’s house.

Board Meeting Minutes-April 24, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Pat Wiedhopf. Also present were Dave Geerdes, Jill Kiefer,Hal Timinsky, Carroll Cummings and Sharon Spiker.

The minutes if the March 20,2012 were read and approved. The treasurer report was: Membership account 2690.65, Donor Plaque account 4616.96, membership now stands at 64. The bank is now charging for paperless service.  Hal will check into the charges and see what is best.  The Websire is up and running. Membership is working on finding and updating the welcome letter. Dave needs help with in-putting  retailer addresses on a spread sheet for the Membership Discount Program. Sharon offered to help.   The March 2012 Day in the park was a great success. The yard sale was a bust as it was one of the few rainy days we get in April. It will not be recheduled.  Next yard sale will be in October. The weeds on the Essel side of the park have been sprayed. The city brush and bulky will be the week of May 14th. Ward 2 held an update meeting on plans for the next 180 days. There is a “Community clean up the environment  day” to be scheduled. October 13th was set for the next Full Moon Party in the park. A request was submitted for wash cleanup to the Ward.

The next meeting will be May 22, 2012, 6:30 at Dave’s house.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45.

SAVE October 13, 2012 for the FULL MOON PARTY in the PARK

This year we will have a “FULL MOON PARTY” in our park on October 13th. Approximate starting time is 6:30 pm.  Entertainment  will include a story teller,” MOON” music and an assortment of “MOON” goodies.  Think MOON PIES (remember those) and pizza among other goodies. Telescopes will be on handfor your viewing pleasure.  So  “COME EAT PIE and WATCH THE SKY.  See you there.  Watch for FLYERS  at the beginning of October.


The fall community yard sale will be  OCTOBER 20. 2012 FROM 7-12. Notices will go up on Craig’s list and will also be advertised in the Tucson Shopper.  This  fall the BULKY pick-up by the city will be the week of November 12.  So this is a prefect time to go thru all YOUR treasure to share with others.

Special membership benefits

The board is working on a membership discount program with local businesses in the area.  Stayed tuned as we work on this exciting project.

Save The Date

October 13th for a Full Moon Party. Stay tuned for more on this fun event

Next Board Meeting

May 22,2012 at 6:30 will be the next board meeting.  It will be held at Dave Geerdes house.

Board Meeting Minutes-March 20, 2012

The March 20,2012  meeting was called to order by Pat Wiedhopf. Also present were Dave Geerdes, Sandy Glockner, Jill Kiefer, Hal Timinsky and Sharon Spiker. The minutes of the annual meeting were read and approved.

Treasure report- Membership account 2536.10, Donor plaque acocunt 4619.96, Membership up 58.

The membersip committed suggested sending a welcome letter to new residents. Sharon would send the letter and Pat/Sandy will look for and update the old letter.  Also letters are being readied to send ot merchants on the discount program.

Day in the park all set. Volunteers are needed. Park cleanup for the day will be at 7am all welcome.

Yard sale all set for April 14 with notices  in weekly shopper, Craig’s list.  Casa Rio will be involved. Then the Brush and Bulky will be the week of May 14th.

Current officers will stay the same for the coming year.

The rocks on the riff-raft will be sprayed for the weeds.  There is also an increased noise level at night and early morning with motorcycle noise.  The board will look into the problem and see if a compromise can be obtained from drivers.

Next meeting 4/24/12 6:30 at Jill’s  Meeting adjourned at 7:45

Next Board Meeting April 24, 2012

The next board meeting will be 4/24/12  at 6:30 at Jill Kiefer’s house at 7551 Dos Mujeres Rd. Any questions call Jill 290-8646.


April 14,2012 is the next neighborhood yard sale. Notices have been posted in the Tucson Weekly, Craigslist and there will be signs on Tanque Verde and the neighborhood.  Start time is 7am until 12. Good luck to all

Annual Archaeology Day At The Park


March 24,2012 will be a Day In The Park

The Vista Del Rio Cultural and Resource will hold a fun and family friendly event on Saturday March 24 from 9am to 3pm. Demonstratins of traditional Native American Crafts, pottery making and flint-knapping.  Children can crete their own Pottery Artifacts to take home and learn to play Native American Games

New Year 2012 updates

December of 2011 brought the annual lighting contest which had new winners and some great decorations.  The annual hayride was a great success. So what’s up for 2012.

On February 11,2011 we will be holding our annual Vista Del Rio Resident’s Association general meeting.  It will be held at 7510 E Rio Verde Dr.  A letter will be sent to all homes in the Vista Del Rio Area with the time and adgenda. Also annual dues of $37.50 will be accepted at the meeting.  Remember this is a voluntary membership but it helps support all the good that goes on during the year.

See you there

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