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December 6, 2011

The December 6,2011 meeting of the Vista Del Rio Association,Inc. was called to order  at 6:30 by President Pat Wiedhoph.  Also present were Hector Acosta, Tina Baker, Dave Geerdes, Mitch Kagen, Jill Kiefer and Hal Timinsky.

The minutes from 11/3/11 meeting were read and approved.

The treasure’s report: Members    77,  Membership Account  $2966.95, Park Donor Account 4619.96

Web Site: New Web page will be up and running soon.

Membership Committee:  Letters are ready to go to Merchants in the area reguarding the proposed  Vista Del Rio Member Benefit Card Program.  They will be sent out to local merchants with followup by board members.  More to follow on this exciting project.

Old Business: Neighborhood  Park clean up. Thanks to all who helped on November 19th to  a good “fall” cleaning of the area. A thanks to the city to for their assistance with all they do to help us keep the Park a clean and safe place to enjoy. We will also notify the city about work that needs to be done in the park and around the area.

Flyers with ballots for the Lighting contest and upcoming Hayride on December 23 will go out in the next couple of days.  It will also  inform everyone that the Carolling scheduled for December 10th has been cancelled due to COLD weather.  We will try again next year.(weather permitting)

March 2012 Day In The Park is still a work in progress. The date will be decided at the January Board of Directors meeting.  We are waiting for more info from our archaeology expert.

New Business:  Annual meeting will be held February 11, 2012  at Pat Wiedhopf’s home at 7510 E Rio Verde Dr.  Start time for the meeting will be 10am. The events from the past year will be discusses. New board members will be elected.

We need new and/or  more board members. There will be several 3 year terms ending.  Check with those around you to see if we can find interested neighbors to help in our ongoing Vista Del Rio Resident’s Association.

The next board meeting will be January 17,2012 at Tina Bakers 7581 E Dos Mujeres Rd.  Start time 6:30

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Sincerely Jill Kiefer

Caroling in the Park

New this year is Caroling in the Park on December 10th. Come join for a fun time.  Also planned is the annual holiday lighting contest and hayride. See you there

Halloween 2011

We will again have the Security out during Halloween.

Neighborhood Yard Sale

Neighborhood Yard Sale!!!

Saturday October 8,2011 will be a great time to clean out all your unwanted gems. The semi-annual sale will be from 7am to 12pm.

Board Minutes – April 30, 2011

Board members who attended the April 12, 2011 meeting were:

Pat Wiedhopf
Hal Timinsky
Sharon Spiker
Carroll Cummings
Jill Kiefer


Minutes from the March 1, 2011 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Membership Account $3444.04 Donor Plaque Account $4769.96 64 Members


The Brochure report was tabled till next meeting. The “A Day in the Park” on March 12,2011 had a dedcent turn out with all that was going on in town that day. The ads were great. Thanks everyone for your help

Old Business

The membership committee will be working on ways to incease our membership. The semi annual yard sale was a success and will be done again in October.

New Business

An old fashion ice cream social is planned for June 11,2011 in the Essel cul de sac. We will be working on having a ‘Storyteller’ in the park this fall. Aslo a Carolling in the Park for December 1oth is planned.

Next Meeting

The next Vista Del Rio Resident’s Association meeting May 17, 2011 at Jill Kiefer’s 7551 E Dos Mujeres Rd at 6:30.



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