Board Meeting Minutes-1/21/19

Vista Del Rio Residents Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 21, 2019

Board Members who attended:  Tina Baker, Anne Watson Bugge, Cheryl Hoffman, Jane Singer, Sharon Spiker, & Pat Wiedhopf.

Minutes: The minutes for December 3, 2018 meeting were approved as amended.

Treasure’s Report:     Membership Account    $378.04
As of 2-23-19               Donor Plaque Account  $3,881.96

Membership Update: 57

Park Stewardship Assignments:
January 13-26                                Pat
January 27-February 9                Mitch
February 10-23                              Anna
February 24-March 9                   Cheryl
March 1023                                   Jill
April 6-19                                        Jane
April 20-May 4                                Tina

Website: Website is current and updated. If anyone has any pictures for the Website please send to Jill.

Holiday Events:  The annual Hayride was successful. There were refreshments and music. The cost was $850.00. Non-members were charged a fee and the proceeds were donated to the food bank.

Archaeology Committee: Account Balance: $8,842.06 Donor Account Balance remains as $3,881.96 Archaeology Park: Free tour of the VDR Archaeological Site by Old Pueblo Archaeology is scheduled for March 9th from 9-10am. A notice of the event was given to all residents. The RSVP is due March 7th to attend the event.  

Archaeology Park: A call needs to be done to Parks and Recreation to trim the trees at the park. A tree for Tucson has a Neighborhood Scale Storm water Harvesting Program. Tina Baker will look into details of grant.

Annual Meeting Planning: Meeting will be held Sat. Feb. 23, 2019 @10am. Location: Pat Wiedhopf, 7510 E Rio Verde Dr. Residents will be sent announcement by mail. Pat will send board member assignments by email.

Board Members Election Results:  Renewal of Terms were voted and accepted for the term starting 2019. Tina Baker, Sharon Spiker and Pat Wiedhopf were reelected.

Next Meeting: Anna Watson-Bugge Address: 7570 E. La Cienega Mon. 3-18-19@6:30pm

Adjournment: 7:50pm