MAIL THEFT 3/21/18

A pile of opened, stolen mail was found near the gazebo in the park yesterday evening.  Much of it was junk mail, but some of it was obviously important.  The people who found it have notified the neighborhood association and are attempting to work with USPS and TPD.  But please keep an eye on your mailbox, and pick mail up as soon as you are able.  And if you see anyone digging in mailboxes during the day, please contact TPD at their non-emergency number, 791-4444 (staffed 10am-6pm) and the US Postal Inspection Service at (877) 876-2455.

Update 3/26/18:  Stolen mail was given to the USPS at the Ft. Lowell Station on Grant and should be redelivered to the 14 known affected addresses soon, though no specific timeline was given. If you’ve been expecting mail and/or packages via the USPS around the time of the theft and they have not shown up, you may file a mail theft complaint online here.