Alert: Neighborhood Break-ins

Hi All,

Wanted to let you know that while we were out of town a neighbor on my block had his garage broken into  at night.  He was home asleep (hard of hearing), but his German shepherd didn’t raise a fuss.  Also, his neighbor had their code box to open their garage messed with.  A police report was filed.  Some expensive equipment taken.  What MAY be a coincidence, the person whose code box was tampered with had spoken with a woman pushing a black baby carriage (back wheels larger than front ones) earlier that day.  He said what was odd is that she never looked down at her carriage as they talked. He was not close enough to look into the carriage.  He also noticed that she spent a lot of time looking into the garage of the house later broken into (the door was open).

The woman is described as 25-30, thin, about 120 lbs., brunette, Anglo.  She oddly mentioned that she was not from around here.  A couple of days later another home on La Cienega, close to La Chiquita, was tampered with but nothing stolen.  She got an alert, at work, on her phone that her garage door was opened.  Maybe whoever broke in realized there was an alert system. I’m going to keep an eye out for “carriage” woman & see if there is a baby on board if I see her! I’ve alerted most of the people on my street to keep an eye out.  Please stay alert & let your neighbors know too.  Police were called to patrol more by the neighbor whose code box was tampered with (she even went down in person), so maybe that will happen.

Kirk and Sharon Spiker