Kolb Road: Connection to Sabino Canyon Road Construction Update

Kolb Road: Connection to Sabino Canyon Road
Construction of the extension of Sabino Canyon Road to Kolb Road is in progress. Tucson-based Ashton Company was selected as contractor for the project with a low bid of approximately $12.3 million.
Traffic update
In July the point of access between Sabino Canyon Road and the frontage road leading to Calle Malaga was temporarily shifted from slightly south of Redbud Road to temporary paved access directly at Redbud Road. This change in access is complete and access has moved to the newly constructed frontage road access points.
Project schedule
The contractor began minor construction in mid-December 2015, and major construction activity began after the first of the year. To date, the contractor has made significant progress in the following areas:
  • Noise wall adjacent to the Pantano II neighborhood – 100% Complete
  • Noise wall adjacent to Udall Park – 100% Complete
  • Major roadway grading – 100% Complete
  • Pantano Wash Bridge drilled shafts – 100% Complete
  • Pantano Wash Bridge pier columns – 100% Complete
  • Pantano Wash Bridge abutments – 100% Complete
  • Pantano Wash Bridge girders – 100% Complete
  • Pantano Wash Bridge concrete deck – 50% Complete
  • Underground utilities – 95% Complete
  • Drainage facilities – 80% Complete 
  • Mullins Bridge pile driving –100% Complete
  • Sabino Canyon Road curb – 70% Complete
  • Sabino Canyon Road subgrade preparation – 85% Complete
  • Sabino Canyon Road base paving – 90% Complete
  • Sabino Canyon Road street lighting – 60% Complete
Current activities
Construction of the piers to support the bridge structure carrying the roadway across Mullins Landfill began in mid-May utilizing driven piles and is now 100% complete. Our thanks to neighbors for patience with the noise of the pile-driving; use of driven piles significantly reduced the construction time for the bridge structure and the need to excavate and transport waste material removed from the landfill, compared to drilled shaft construction.
The entire project was scheduled to take approximately 15 months to complete (weather permitting) with an anticipated completion date of Feb. 28, 2017
Please visit the website at SabinoKolbConnection.info for additional information. 
If you have specific questions or would like to be added to the list for email updates, please contact Lori Lantz at lori@gordleygroup.com or 520-327-6077.
Background information:
Project improvements
Project improvements include two lanes of traffic in each direction, along with new signals at both the Sabino Canyon Road intersections with Kolb Road and Crestline Drive. Improvements also include sound walls where warranted, bridges across Vincent Mullins Landfill and the Pantano Wash, drainage improvements, landscaping, public art, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the length of the project. In addition, LED street lighting for driver safety and neighborhood security will be included as well.
This project is part of the $2.1 billion, 20-year RTA plan that was approved by voters in May 2006.
Lane restrictions
As the majority of the work for this project takes place where no roadway exists, lane restrictions will be minimal. Traffic on Sabino Canyon, south of Tanque Verde, will have at least one through lane in each direction available at all times. Traffic on Kolb Road will have at least two lanes available in each direction at all times.
Access to businesses and local residences will be available at all times throughout the course of the project with the exception of temporary delays during grading, demolition work and paving. Residents will be notified two days in advance of any work that will result in a delay that lasts longer than 15 minutes.
We appreciate your patience and want to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.