Board Meeting Minutes-11/3/14

Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Monday November 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by President Pat Wiedhopf. Also present were Jill Kiefer, Hal Timinsky, Jane Singer, Anne Watson Bugge, Sharon Spiker and Kristie Cunningham.

The minutes for September 8, 2014 meeting were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:
Membership Account $2917.83
Donor Plaque Account $3881.96
Membership Update 67

There were no reports from the Archaeology or membership committees

The website will have a link to the new and improved site. Kristie brought forth ideas about having someone moderate the replies but we felt that wasn’t needed. She will need info about where to contact about sidewalk buckling which Jill will talk to Mitch so he can give her the info. Also Hal would check into the tax deduction of donations for yearly membership under 501(C) designation we have .

The Porch Fest was a great success. Neighbors out meeting others and enjoying great food and music. Suggestions were for starting later in the day and having another one next November. The later date will give everyone time to plan in advance better.

Halloween security was present just a little confusion which will be taken care of by Hal for next year. No problems were reported.

Hal said the hayride for December 25th. is on and the ballots for the Holiday lighting contest will be due Dec 20/21.They can again be dropped at Jill’s house. More will be talked about at the next meeting.  Kristie has volunteered to help with first, second and third place signs.

It was decided to have a fall-only yard sale as neither one this year had a lot of participation.

Jane and Anna volunteered to be on the membership committee.

Cleaning up the wash has been called into the council/city again. Hopefully it will be taken of soon. Jill will call the weed guy about the park and the south side near the street area.

The next meeting will be on December 1st at Sharon’s house at 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00