Board Meeting Minutes-3/11/14

Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by President Pat Wiedhopf.  Also present were  Jill Kiefer, Mitch Kagen, Sharon Spiker, Tina Baker and  Hal Timinsky.

The minutes for January 7, 2014 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:         Membership Account  $2558.72

Donor Plaque Account $4081.96

Membership Update    50

Archaeology  Account    $16,242.06

For the annual meeting on 2/15/14 notifications were mailed to home owners and door hangers were given to renters. The minutes from that meeting were read and approved. The attendance other that board members/spouses was 3.

The election of officers was held  Pat accepted the Presidency, Tina and Jill will share the Secretary position, Sharon Vice Pres and Archaeology, Web site Jill and Hal, Mitch Membership/Legal and Hal will be the Treasurer.

Park update – Midge Irwin will be contacted about the irrigation system.

The annual  Spring Yard Sale will be April 12.  And ad will be on Craig’s list and in the AZ Daily Star. Bulky and brush pick up  by the city will begin week of April 21, 2014

Membership tabled  till next meeting.

Day in the Park was cancelled for this year. We need to start planning by early fall to get all bases covered for advertising and with the Archaeology  company.

Reporting shopping carts, graffiti, pet issues, weeds/yards/common area were discussed.

Focus for  2014 will be membership, Activities in Park and getting new  members for the board.

Also a social for June/ summer needs to be discussed.

Next meeting at Pat’s May 6th at 6:30

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

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