April 2014 Newsletter


YARD SALE: Saturday, April 12, 2014

An ad will be placed on Craig’s List and the Arizona Daily Star advertising this event and signs will be placed in strategic areas.  The times of the yard sale are 7:00 AM until 12:00 NOON.  This is a good time to clean those closets & garages!

Brush/Bulky pickup – Week of Monday, April 21, 2014

The City of Tucson has scheduled the pickup of all tree and brush cuttings and those bulky items too large for the weekly trash pick-ups.  Please set out all of these cumbersome items that are approved by the city for pickup.  This is a great opportunity to discard yard sale remnants.


 A clean, well-kept neighborhood adds to the value of all of our homes.

Everyone in the neighborhood appreciates a well-groomed yard and the coming rains will bring with them a new crop of weeds.  Please keep your yards weed-free.


Be a good neighbor – pick up after your dog. No one wants dog waste left on our sidewalks and front yards.  It is a HEALTH HAZZARD!

Please keep your dog on a leash (It’s the law: Section 4-7 of the Tucson City Code and Section 6.04.110) when walking it in our neighborhood and park.  Always take a baggie with you to dispose of dog waste (It’s the law: Tucson City Code Chapter 4, Section 4-28).  Bag it and put it in your garbage or in the trash containers provided at the park. Report unleashed dogs – 743-7550

Board Members

Tina Baker, Mitch Kagen, Jill Kiefer, Jeff Lopez, Sharon Spiker, Hal Timinsky, & Pat Wiedhopf


Use this link for additional information at the City of Tucson INFOGUIDE:http://cms3.tucsonaz.gov/departments


  • Call 911 if you see suspicious activity or any crime in progress.  It is the only way the police patrolling our area can track criminal activity.
  • Assistance to set up a Neighborhood Watch – call Pat Wiedhopf at 885-6367
  • Storing inoperable vehicles on private property – 791-5843
  • Barking Dogs – www.pimaanimalcare.org
  • Unlawfully parked vehicles – call ParkWise at 791-5071
  • Unleashed Dogs – 743-7550
  • Code Enforcement – 791-3171 – Call for information on neglected properties relating to garbage, trash, debris, weeds, outside residential storage & junk or inoperable vehicles.
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts – 792-2489
  • Putting graffiti on public or private property is against the law. If you see someone in the act of “tagging,” call 911. If the graffiti is already in place, call 792-CITY (2489) to report it. Graffiti left in place tends to attract more graffiti.


Please join our association as a new member or renew your existing membership. Association dues are only $45 a year and are used to improve our neighborhood community in many ways -including bridge area landscape maintenance, semi-annual yard sale ads, Halloween security patrols, web site costs, and other activities and events.


2014 Vista Del Rio Residents’ Association Membership Form










Annual membership dues are $45.  Please make checks payable to:

Vista del Rio Residents’ Association

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 32109, Tucson, Arizona 85751

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